Metafactory - Building the worlds first decentralised brand community

Harnessing the power of decentralisation

Brand driven by blockchain, cryptography, and innovation

About the Project

We were contacted by the MetaFactory team as they were building the world’s first decentralised brand and they had some amazing innovative ideas. They wanted to use smart contracts with tokens to build a community and ownership via selling rights to the shared brand.


We build a suite of contracts and technology to perform numerous activities including a sealed bid auction, a stepped price sale, all underpinned by non-fungible token issuance

Smart Contracts in the Solidity language

  • Enforcing ownership, providing a mechanism for token value transfer
  • Ensuring a chain of custody is maintained and provenance is public and visible
  • Enabling sales mechanisms like auctions and limited availability
  • Raising value through stable coins and cryptocurrency

IPFS (Interplanetary file system)

  • All meta-data is public
  • IPFS is used to host all data associated with the digital assets including images, names, descriptions
  • A peer-2-peer decentralised open network for sharing files

Private auctions delivered by Web3, PGP cryptography and stable coins


Meta-factory have successfully completed two events raising capital and building a thriving community around their shared ideas leveraging the power of cryptography, blockchain, world class design, and innovation.