Cudo Ventures

Smart contact design and delivery, crypto focused product delivery and thinking

Practical applications of standard compliant smart contracts and decentralised technologies

About the Project

Cudo Ventures are an innovative and crypto focused company building software and hardware solutions which leverage unused compute resources, driving new monetization and value creation mechanisms.

Cudo approached BlockRocket to provide consultancy and engineering expertise for building applications on and with blockchain decentralised technologies.

At BlockRocket we have a strong background in smart contract engineering which Cudo is leveraging to build outstanding products.


So far we have provided consultancy and delivered several decentralised applications for Cudo, further details below.

Token Smart Contracts (ERC-20)

  • Helping Cudo understand how to apply crypto-economic and tokenomic models in the real world
  • Building ERC-20 compliant smart contracts with full test coverage and audit friendly code base
  • Embedding business and legislative rules within the token design as well as understanding how tokens can be used within the wider Cudo ecosystem

Staking Smart Contract (EIP-900)

  • Helping Cudo maximise the possibilities of token staking as well building out commonly used mechanisms for reducing token supply, user incentivisation and reward mechanics
  • Delivering EIP-900 compliant smart contracts with full test coverage and audit friendly code base
  • Applying additional crypto-economic models into the staking process and understand how staking works with Cudo compute

Token Vesting Smart Contract & Portal

  • Creation of a full stack public facing solution including a frontend portal and smart contracts to manage investor vesting schedules
  • Design and delivery of custom token vesting rules embedded within smart contracts
  • User friendly and secure user portal giving accessing to vested tokens


Cudo is building innovative and cutting edge products which introduce new paradigms to existing infrastructure providers and users around the world.

We have been working throughout 2019 to help them realise these goals and vision, something we strongly believe in ourselves.

We continue to work closely with Cudo, providing consultancy and engineering expertise to enhance their product suite.

Cudo Ventures