7 Days on Planet Nifty Football

Over 2200 trading cards created with 32 full teams assembled

Andy Gray
Andy Gray
Co-Founder of BlockRocket
Jan 1, 0001 2 min read

Nifty Football has been live on the main public Ethereum blockchain for just over a week and cards now exist in wallets all around the globe 🌎

We have grown a new Discord community in addition to the Telegram following we already had. Join the conversation.

Team Building

As new collectors purchase their first packs we are entering the team building phase as trading evolves as squads are formed collectors can see their best team and associated average. The greatest team in Nifty Football is **90 **currently owned by 0x3a2…8B6. Check it out on the team share page!

When the Champions League Final kicks off on the 1st June, the best and worst teams in the League will be awarded prizes.

Best and Worst Team

Best team prize will get a custom shirt badge 📛 for each card in the top 11 plus one captain’s armband. Each player will have a number added to their shorts in their respective position (at the team owner’s discretion).

The worst team needs a little boost and we will give 11 credits in an attempt to help increase the team’s average. Each player will also get a new pair of boots in the colour preferred by the team manager so at least they will look decent on the park. 😃

League of TeamsLeague of Teams

The World’s Most Expensive Nifty Footballer

As soon as packs were on sale we saw secondary activity immediately on sites such as OpenSea

At time of writing we have had dozens of cards change hands on the secondary market including our most expensive player and current transfer record of 1 ETH. American striker Dylan Robinson who has an average score of 93.


Blind packs

Over the coming weeks we will release more nationalities, kits, and colours and retire a couple from the blind packs (for now). > On the 22nd May, 2 weeks after go-live, we will reduce the base on the generator functions by 5%. This is inline with our general policy to reward early adopters and ensures genesis cards and early token IDs will be generally be the stars of the Nifty Football universe.

We call all cards under token ID 100 are known as “*Genesis Cards”. *These cards have a silver NFT FC badge on the front of the card.

All cards under 5000 (but greater than 1000) will be called “*Origin Cards*” and come with a white badge on the front.

These early edition cards can and will can special meanings in the gameplay we are developing.

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Nifty Football is being built by BlockRocket.tech in Manchester, UK.

BlockRocket.tech consult and build Blockchain solutions inc. KnownOrigin.io, CryptoKaiju.io, and Blockcities.co,